Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing 'BRUCE's BOOKS' Book Club

Bruce LOVES reading! All kinds of books - mysteries, biographies, travel and how-to books, romances, well, maybe not romances so much, but he loves to read. Lennie, on the other hand, is more of an action/adventure kind of guy. He'd rather be outside hiking, biking, or climbing trees (short ones), and playing baseball and soccer. He even hopes to try that new sport, stand-up paddle boarding, soon! (Mama Snooter can't wait to see THAT one!) He isn't much of a reader, but appreciates that his BFF, Bruce, loves it so much. Lennie and Bruce were having coffee the other day when Bruce started telling Lennie about the latest book he was reading. Before he dozed off, Lennie suggested to Bruce that he start a book club where he could share his reviews with other SnooterFolk - who wouldn't be feigning interest. Bruce gave it some thought, and although he hates to admit Lennie is ever right, this sounded like a pretty Snooter-ific idea. So, we're introducing 'BRUCE's BOOKS', a book club where we (well, most of us) can share our love of reading, one of the basic '3-Rs'. HERE'S HOW IT WILL WORK: * Send a paragraph (long or short is ok) to Mama Snooter via our email address, info@snooter-doots.com, about a book you have or are reading. These can be big-kids books or those you are reading to our youngest SnooterFolk. * Be sure to include the title and author's name. * Let's practice our best writing (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.). Quality writing is also one of the basic '3-Rs'. * Describe what you like (or don't) about the book. * Feel free to start a discussion thread about a character or location or theme. * If you capture a photo of YOUR Snooter-doot reading, please share that with us too! Mama Snooter will collect these reviews then post them as a 'collection' here on our blog each week. The 'comment' feature will be available so we can get some good dialog going. Lennie is SO happy he won't have to listen to Bruce wax poetic about his latest read, that he will give all contributors 10 Snooter-points from LENNIE's CLUB for each new review submittal, with a maximum of 20 points per month. Hey, that could add up quite quickly to a new BFF to read more books with! 'BRUCE's BOOKS' book club is open for business. Let's read!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where do Snooter-doots come from?

Rumors of their existence began circulating again about 27 years ago, but they were never seen. Until now. So, where do Snooter-doots come from? When she was barely five years old, young Miss Tarah told her mother a fantasical story about the Snooter-doots and their friends Popipity-The Squirrel, Digdirt -The Man, and the Ol' Bix. Her mother loved the story, but had no idea where Miss Tarah got such notions, nor did she understand their significance. But, she tucked the story away in her mental library, and promised herself she would do something with it some day. Over the years Tarah's mother toiled away at her various jobs, some she enjoyed more than others. In her heart, though, she knew she really just wanted to 'make things'. There was an artist hiding within her somewhere. And, always she was a friend to the animals, domestic and wild, and had great respect and admiration for Mother Nature and all her wonders. Bubba Squirrel lived in Tarah's mother's neighborhood. Since she worked from home at the time, Bubba became quite comfortable around her, and relied on Tarah's mother to keep the feeder full of his favorite goodies. Which she did. On one of his many travels Bubba met Popipity-The Squirrel. Bubba told him of this particularly animal-friendly and creative HumanFolk that he knew back home, and suggested that she could act as the Snooter-doots' new ambassador. Many, many years ago John Strong, the farmer, (aka, Digdirt, The Man) was their link to the HumanFolk, but they lost his alliance when his beautiful and productive farm was pillaged for industry. The Snooter-doots were heartbroken, and vowed to remain enigmatice forever. After great debate, the Ol' Bix (the wise old crone), whom they respected greatly, convinced the Snooter-doots that HumanFolk were actually thinking carefully about their environment, its creatures, and their care again. So, they all agreed it was safe to reveal themselves and be known once more.
And, here they are!!
Welcome, Snooter-doots!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travis & Jig's Worldly Adventures

We'd like you to meet our Guest Blogger, young Master Travis. He has agreed to share his virtual travels around the world with all of us here in lil' ol' Snooterville Junction.
Hi-ya! My name is Travis, and this is Jig, my awesome dragon-tadpole Snooter-Doot! Thanks to the Snooter-Doot website, I can tell all of you about our expedition around the world!
I recently went down to Alki Beach, in West Seattle, to watch the pirates land, and I found a special Snooter-Doot, named Cap’n J. Fishee, the pirate’s companion. Apparently his right eye was ripped off by a black and white dog named Lucy, so he wears an eye patch in its place.
I also went to the Street Fair that was exclusive to Saturday and Sunday and, guess what? I found a Snooter-Doot booth with Mama Snooter running it! That’s when I learned that Jig wasn’t the only dragon-tadpole Snooter-Doot! At the end of the day we got our passports!
So we’ll see you next time in Asia’s Japan!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Creative Process

Lennie and Bruce Beet were discussing the creative process recently, over a warm cup'a Joe. Snooter-doots are the perfect example of originality and inspiration. Mama Snooter wanted to make a fun, durable toy for her grand-dog, and, as she was already knitting and felting warm hats and caps, she pulled out some left over yarn and started to knit, free-form.
The results were the origin of what is now the phenomenon called Snooter-doots, whimsical and unique, handcrafted, art-dolls of felted wool. They have morphed a bit from that original creation (which, by the way, the grand-dog loved!) into soft-sculpture critters with tons of personality. Snooter-doots are now spreading joy and whimsy throughout the nation when 'adopted' by their new forever-families. They are even named with birthdays, all ready to go!
Lennie and Bruce find it interesting to consider where creative inspiration comes from. True artists find their muse in many places. Snooter-doots are inspired by nature. Mama Snooter draws from her horticultural background, love of the outdoors and food, through a system of 'what if's'. She designs and develops her own ideas into loveable characters that have become quite collectible. Strict adherence to the artist's creed, 'thou shall not copy', results in unique and original pieces that bring long-lasting joy and pride to their owners.
Patrons can best support true and original artistic concepts by talking to the artist about where their inspiration comes from and how they make their product. We have been contacted by several SnooterFolk who saw product recently they thought looked like Snooter-doots, but wasn't. Look-alikes are not original artistic concepts, and do nothing to enhance a person's collection. Accept only the best, the real McCoy, from a true artist.
Snooter-doots are handcrafted in Seattle, WA. They are available online at http://www.snooter-doots.com/ and at many fine gift shops thoughout the Pacific Northwest. You can also 'adopt' them directly at local arts/crafts fairs and festivals. Follow our adventures on Facebook, Lennie and Bruce would love to meet you!
Happy Snooterin'!