Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snooter 'isms

HEY, Lenny here. Ever feel a little discouraged, or lacking confidence? Try tucking this thought into your gray-matter:
'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't,
You're right!'
Positive thinking is a powerful tool!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to 'June-uary' or 'Sum-inter'! Baby, it's cold out there!

“It was a dark and stormy night . . . ” It sure has felt like that here in the Pacific Northwest! And, it has really impacted our gardens! (but, not in a good way!) If you are a gardener, hopefully you’ve gotten your carrots in the ground and they are sprouting (not rotting). We’ve got a good crop of peas going here in Snooterville Junction – they are a cool weather crop so are doing just fine - so far, but we didn’t get any carrots in. Did you know that carrots are a root vegetable originating from Afghanistan? They belong to the same plant family as celery, parsley, and dill and the settlers at Jamestown introduced carrots to North America in 1607. (source: And, you can actually plant carrots in containers. Just be sure to use a pot that is twice as deep as the length they’ll reach at maturity. We took advantage of one of the very few dry days recently to go to the zoo to see the new Meerkats. Rainy Snooter-doot had a great time visiting with them and with some of the colorful birds on display there. The new penguin exhibit was lovely, all the birds looked very much at home and happy.


Snooter-doots are excited to announce that they are ‘green’! As always, our outsides are made from renewable wool (no sheep were harmed for production, and their fleece grows back after each shearing). And, now our insides are stuffed with a fiberfill made from recycled pop bottles called Wellspring! The pop bottles are ground up into small pellets which are then heated and extruded through a machine that turns them into fine fibers. We’re quite pleased to be part of a solution rather than the problem.

We apologise for the long break between posts. Since Snooter-doots don't have hands, they find typing and all this new-fangled computer stuff a bit of a challenge. But, we're practicing, and promise to keep in touch better from now on! Happy Snooter-in’! PS: We sure hope you’ll follow us on Facebook too, and help us spread the good Snooter-word!